Why Peer Network

About Peer Network
Why Peer Network

Since pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) is a rare condition, a diagnosis can leave you feeling alone and unsure of what’s to come. United Therapeutics Corporation established the PEER Network to offer support for people on or considering one of our PAH treatments from those who have firsthand experience.

The PEER Network is a resource for patients, and their caregivers, who are considering or starting one of the following treatments:  

  • Remodulin® (treprostinil) Injection  
  • Tyvaso® (treprostinil) Inhalation Solution  
  • Orenitram® (treprostinil) Extended-Release Tablets

The PEER Network connects new patients (“Mentees”) with those who have already experienced what it’s like to incorporate PAH medication into their daily routine (“Mentors”).

Through the program, Mentees can receive answers to a single question or find a Mentor for longer term support. The program is designed to fit your needs, no matter how big or small, no matter how general or personal. Please keep in mind Mentors do not give medical advice. So, if you have medical questions, or specific questions about your treatment, be sure to bring them up with your doctor.

Find out what a few of our Mentors have to say about their experiences.